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  • Mono Office Headset requires bottom cable specific to your phone
  • Popular bottom cables U10p, 3.5mm etc. please call
  • Noise shock protection with noise cancelling microphone
  • Flexible boom with 270 degree rotation
  • Two Year Warranty

HiHo 100P Monaural Noise Cancelling with QD

VAT Included |
  • Description Noise cancelling headset for office phones
    Options 100 P single ear (monoaural)
    Special features Quick disconnection plug for compatible bottom cable
    Ear covering Padded ear cushion with leatherette material 
    Comfort Adjustable headband with hinged earpiece
    Microphone Electric condenser, 30 mm, 20 Hz-20 kHz
    Boom arm Flexible with 270° rotation and sponge mouthpiece
    Construction Plastic and metal (headband)
    Protection Noise shock protection
    Compatible bottom cables U10P,U10,Hic.His,3.5 mm bottom cables available
    Clothing clip Take the weight off headset cord away from headset
    Compatibility Please check stating the make and model of your phone
    Technical Impedance 300 ohm, max input 200 MW

    Two year warranty


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