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Transform your business with affordable Call Recording and Speech Analytics.


Vidicode's innovative, affordable call recording and voice technology solutions have been available worldwide for over 30 years. 


In an increasingly regulated world, their system solutions prove “who said what”, solve critical PCI DSS, FCA, and GDPR compliance requirements and improve the customer experience for small, medium and large companies.

Retell 957 Call Recording Software by Vidicode UK

VAT Included |
  • Features:

    • Records all inbound and outbound calls automatically
    • Tag calls with relevant information for easy retrieval
    • Archives recorded calls for long-term storage, ensuring compliance
    • Easily listen to and share recorded calls for training
    • Encrypts calls for data security
    • Administrators control access levels for managing recorded calls
    • Requires a call recording connector (See 157 Connector)
    • One Year Warranty
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