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Transform your business with affordable Call Recording and Speech Analytics.


Vidicode's innovative, affordable call recording and voice technology solutions have been available worldwide for over 30 years. 


In an increasingly regulated world, their system solutions prove “who said what”, solve critical PCI DSS, FCA, and GDPR compliance requirements and improve the customer experience for small, medium and large companies.

Vidicode UK Oygo Call Recording Software

VAT Included |
  • Features:

    • Call recording software for use with a softphone on a PC
    • Ideal for remote workers using a headset and softphone
    • Automatic or manual recording direct to your PC
    • Automatically records from Jabra Engage 75 headset calls
    • Search for calls by time, date, duration or notes
    • One Year Warranty

    £135.54 including VAT

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