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Vape Detectors

HIHo Solutions - Anti Vape Dectectors


HiHo Electronic Voice Language Translators

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HiHo Solutions Online Meeting Software

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HiHo Solutions are your premier one-stop destination for high-quality electronic products and accessories.


Based in The United Kingdom, HiHo Solutions are a leading electronics OEM supplier offering a diverse range of premium-made products including Vape Detectors, Electronic Voice Translators,  AI Powered Meeting Room Software Solutions, Webcams,  Telephony Headsets as well our own-branded range of  popular electronics. 

HiHo Solutions Offices


Get to Know Us

Work isn’t where we go, it’s what we do as professionals, hence HiHo Solutions products are designed to meet the rapidly evolving requirement for home, hybrid and office working solutions where performance, functionality and simplicity are key.  


We own the manufacturing process, enabling us to continuously innovate, refine and tailor our solutions according to the needs of both our customers and the corporate market. 


With over 125.000 units sold, HiHo products continue to evolve and enhance the productivity and safety of all professionals who need to communicate and collaborate.


Should you need any assistance in finding the most suitable product for your requirements or need any technical assistance, please contact our customer service team on 0161 960 2540, e-mail

HiHo Solutions - Anti Vape Detectors

Vape Detectors

Electronic Vape Detectors for Schools, Universities, Public Sector Offices and Hospitality Sectors.

HHo Electronic Voice Language Translators

Electronic Language Translator

Our pocket sized, speech recognition Language Translator is perfect for schools, cultural integration and 2-way language communication, ideal for holidays and business meetings.

HiHo Solutions Online Meeting Software

AI Driven Online Meeting Platform

Welcome to the world's first highly AI driven, fully integrated online computer meeting software package. 

HiHo Webcams


High quality PC and Laptop Webcams compatible with all video streaming services.


High quality Monaural and Binaural Headsets

HiHo Smartwatches

Office-based & Consumer Electronics

HiHo Solutions are specialists in the world of Office-based and Consumer Electronics - Check out our specialised microphones and consumer smart watches and bracelets. 

Pedal Pump Foot Dispensers

HiHo Solutions are stockists of premium, high quality pedal pump foot dispensers. Ideal for kitchens, restaurants and all forms of hospitality door entry hand sanitizing. 

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